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All products are handmade to order by me.

Snow White Magic Mirror

Evil Queen's Magic Mirror


30 inches Length (76cm)
22 inches Width (56cm)

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Old Hag Prosthetic Mask

Movie replica Old Hag mask.

The finished mask comes with a Velvet Hood and one apple
Colors may vary as it is hand painted

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Beast Prosthetic Mask

Cursed Prosthetic for your needs. Choose form these options:

Only mask.
Mask, horns, sideburns, beard, and wig.
Full set (includes costume).

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Pirate Hat

Pirate Hector B's Hat, fits perfectly for any pirate or musketeer look.

Only 3 will ever be made.

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Sparrow Wig

Sparrow Replica Wig from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Made with Real African and Afghan Antique Beads, Chinese and Indian Vintage Beads

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Cursed Sparrow Prosthetic

Cursed Prosthetic for your needs. Choose your Style
Full set (Gloves, Prosthetic, and Moustache)
With Neck Option Part
Skull only
Skull with Beard and Moustache

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Jack Giant Decoration Puppets

Options available for Christmas and Halloween.

Choose from UV or regular head. Sally's head is also available.


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J Skellington Mask

Movie accurate replica mask of Jack Skellington

DIY unpainted version available.

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E Scissorhands Replica Gloves


As seen on Travis Barker, these gloves have been featured on magazines and are currently featured on several Tim Burton museums, as well as in MOMA, and Hollywood's Icons of Darkness Museum as an exact replica of the movie's gloves.

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Emperor Galaxy Prosthetic


Prosthetic inspired by Star Wars movie.

Unpainted version available. 

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Crypt Keeper Prosthetic Mask


Exact replica.

Full costume with wig, hands, and lenses available too.

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Wicked West Witch

Wicked Witch Character Kit includes:

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Devil Fur Coat

inspired by Cruella Devil.

Knee length and full length available. 

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HatBox Ghost Mask

inspired by The Haunted Mansion.

Options with and without glow in the dark.

Option with and without hat, wig, and necktie.

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Christmas Grouch Costume

Inspired by The Grinch.

Full costume option and face only option available.

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Human Skull Anatomy Model

Hand Made, Hand Sculpted Hand Painted Human Skull
With Anatomically Correct Bones
Comes with a Detachable Jaw and Add On Teeth
Can be Aged like in the Pics or Raw Casted ready to "DIY"

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Human Skull Display

Human Skull Display made 1:1 Scale Sculpture

Finished with Gold Enamel, Gold and Bone, or Gold Leaf

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Human Skull Prosthetic Mask

Human skull latex mask
made with natural high grade latex.

Can be custom painted to your design.

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Louis XIV wall decoration

Inspired by the original Sun King Ornament but with the resemblance of Louis when he was older

Wall décor plaque made of wood, resin and foam

Finished in 24 karat gold leaf or gold enamel.

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Captain Hook Hand Replica

Captain Hook movie replica.
Can be finished in gold, silver, copper or any color you want.
Made of impact resistant materials.
Can also be made from flexible materials if desired.
1 Silver Hook
1 Silver Hand Cover

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Extra Flared Top Hat

This is a hat with a very theatrical look, it is called Mad Hatter because that is the shape it was used to mold it.
It can be finished in 2 Colors:
Black or White
And It can also be covered in various fabrics of your choice.

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